A beacon is a guide, a light, something that warns of danger and keeps us safe.  It is that which we turn to when we are lost, that which we rely on, and that which provides comfort when all is well.  The intimate light of romantic-love acts in much the same way as a light that guides ones path.  Love is the ultimate beacon within the human experience. To share and be shared with, to love and be loved.

By focusing on couples, photographed in water and presented as diptych portraits, an exploration is undertaken into their relationships and the interplay between guide, and guided. The images themselves are aloof, the individuality of each within the pair invites interpretation into the elusive connections and themes they share. The visual metaphor of a "dark ocean" is an effective symbol for life. Just as boats at sea seek a lighthouse and are comforted by it, so too do we feel toward another.

By pairing each couples photographs, an exploration into the nature of the connections we exchange is undertaken.
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